Acacia is a short film by Vitor Hugo Costa made as part of the Bedouin Borders project funded by the British Academy (2018)

Below are a selection of films made by young people after completing BEDU’s filmmaking workshops in 2009.

BEDU International designed and ran the course, partnered with the Capacity Building Unit of the Royal Film Commission in Amman who provided the film equipment, expert technical staff and logistical support.

Jinan Nakshabandy from the Safawi women’s Cooperative (Safawi I) explains how the project took place.

Who made the film?

 A researcher, her name is Jessica submit her project research to the Royal film commission, to adopt her idea, which I understand that to give an opportunity to the local communities, to have a filming skills in three days workshops, and film an idea or story for something that they want to express, something they like or dislike: Documentary film, drama, comedy, a story of love or hate, any kind of expression … so that the community who chose the idea of distributing the roles of representation and also are portrayed, and of course the Royal Commission for the assistance of the director of photography and photographer, Ibrahim who helped the Assembly of the women and children of photography and selection of footage.

What were the films about?

  1. The film about us as a women cooperative, how we start and is the most challenges that we face and out hopes in apply our projects .
  2. The boys choose to talk about the Bedouin heritage ( The cup of coffee) the first cup for the guest as welcome, the second for his interest, third for the soured, the third one was the idea for a person (Al-dakheel) who face a problem so he travel to another tribe and ask the Sheik protect him.

What was the purpose of the film?

These films can display their owners on the local community and offer a new way of expression. We can make  a story about a specific need for the community or tell people about our community organisations and all the work we do.